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Rosecrest Homes endeavors to make all of their home energy efficient, and have been a member of  the 'Built Green®' organization for several years.   Some of the STANDARD ITEMS that we do in order to achieve this goal include:


1) Triple glazed windows, double low e coated, argon filled -

2) Upgraded insulation in the walls and ceilings 

3) Styrofoam on exterior - for stucco finishes

4) Envirosense, super efficient, high capacity  hot water tanks 

5) High efficient heat recovery venting  

6) 95% high efficient furnace

7) Power humidifiers on furnaces 

8) Extra tight vapour barrier

9) R28 insulation in frost walls


OTHER energy efficient items that we have done AND offer are:

1) Solar panels 

2) Styrofoam under the slab of the basement floor

3) Exterior walls 16" thick with 4 layers of insuation, 2 of which are complete thermal breaks -  R 56 value



All of our homes are 'BUILT GREEN™' certified- Bronze level or better.

What Do The Levels Mean?


The BUILT GREEN™ program has four levels of achievement, they are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.  Points are awarded based on the minimum Energuide rating with additional points selected from each of the eight other areas, to give a cumulative total.  Each category has a minimum number of points that must be achieved.




This rates the energy efficiency and energy consumption of the home.  Home orientation, dimensions, insulation values, type of heating system, construction material, window type and window design are all calculated.  An average rate of air changes per hour is initially used for the calculation.  A blower door test is performed on the home and the actual rate of air changes per hour is then calculated.


Energuide rating needed for new houses:

         Note:  The Energuide rating is minimum 25 for Bronze, 30 for Silver, 35 for Gold and 40 for Platinum.




Bronze : 90 Points

Silver : 100 Points

Gold : 115 Points

Platinum : 140 Points



1) Envelope & energy system

2) Materials and Method

3) Indoor air quality

4) Ventilation

5) Waste Management

6) Water Conservation

7) Business Practices





Five fundamental pillars serve as a basis for each item to be considered.  Each line item must meet at least one of the above,  where two or more of the 2 or more of the subsidiary points listed in the lists below must be addressed.





 Resource use


Energy Efficiency


Recyled Content


Indoor air quality






Alternative Construction

Measurable or Validated

Promotion of greater use

Environmental impact

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